Changing hunting outcomes for the better


Big Ideas For Better Hunts

Trail Cameras


Exposure Control

Three exposure settings allow you to select the perfect blend of image clarity and distance that works for you.

Silent Shield™ Technology

Every camera action has been engineered with Silent Shield™ technology. This means your camera goes unnoticed by nature, and that big buck keeps coming back.

Zero Detection

Zero noise, zero detection. Keep camera operations completely silent so you capture natural wildlife behavior without any alert.

Lightsout™ Technology

Lightsout™ technology uses invisible IR LEDs with an extended range to maintain concealment when capturing flash images.

TRU-Dual Cam™

Two are always better than one. Dual cameras – one optimized for day and one for night – give you digital HD photos with superior clarity.



Airborne Technology™

Airborne attractants disperse 600% more scent molecules than ordinary attractants. If you can smell the potency of these products – just think what it smells like to game.

Protein & Fat Content

Attractants don’t just train game to find your spot; they become an integral part of animals’ health by feeding them ample protein and fat to bulk up to trophy status.


Glo-Cote® uses ultraviolet enhancement to give attractants an added neon-blue glow that game can see, but humans can’t.

Flavor Profiles

We know what brings game to dinner. Flavor profiles of apple, persimmon, corn, chestnut, sugar beet, molasses and acorn make our attractants irresistible.



Varmint Guard

Protect your unit and eliminate feed waste with this rigid varmint guard that encases everything you don’t want nature messing with.

Welded Construction

These heavy-duty designs won’t wear or tear because we built them good and strong. Welded construction models are our most durable feeders yet.

Poly Barrel Construction

Dependable and effective yet mobile: poly barrel feeders are light enough to easily move and test multiple feeding locations.

Quick Assembly

Quick assembly feeders require minimal effort and only steal 15-20 minutes of your time before they’re fully operational.

Ultra-Strong Square Legs

The square shape plus a powder-coating on tube legs is two-folds beneficial – adding both stability and strength.