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Terms and Conditions For Submission of Unsolicited Ideas

Plano Synergy sincerely appreciates the interest of persons outside our organization who wish to offer unsolicited written materials, graphic materials, or ideas which they believe may be useful to us. Before you submit your idea to Plano Synergy, or any of its affiliates, you must agree to these Terms and Conditions and by so-submitting, you hereby so agree.

Before you submit your idea, be advised that Plano Synergy frequently receives material and ideas which is similar to that which is already known to us or readily ascertainable, has been previously conceived by our personnel, has previously been submitted to us by others, or which is shown by or described in prior art, prior patents or patent applications available to the public. Accordingly, Plano Synergy shall be at all times free to use without obligation to you, the same or similar material which has been developed independently, submitted by others, or become known to the public, whether before or after your submission. Plano Synergy will be under no obligation to reveal Plano Synergy’s activities of the same or similar nature.

Before you submit your idea, you may want to contact an attorney to secure any statutory patent or other intellectual property rights you may have. If your submission is patented or the subject of a pending patent application, please so-indicate and/or include a copy with your submission. Nothing herein, however, shall impair the right of Plano Synergy to contest the validity or infringement of any such asserted protection.

All information, ideas or materials submitted by you are submitted on a non-confidential basis. All such materials, ideas or information become the property of Plano Synergy and may be used for any purpose by Plano Synergy and on an unrestricted basis. By submitting such information, unless it is protected by secured patent or trademark rights, you hereby assign to Plano Synergy all copyright and other intellectual property rights to the information. Plano Synergy may use such material without restrictions on use, acknowledgement of source, accountability, or liability unless agreed to otherwise in writing and you hereby waive any and all claims for same. Plano Synergy may use or redistribute your submission and its contents for any purpose and in any way, including but not limited to using it in new products or services, or to improve existing products or services. Please do not submit information that you want to keep confidential.

Plano Synergy attempts to review all submissions, and we may contact you about your submission. However, you agree your submission imposes no obligations on Plano Synergy or its affiliates to acknowledge, review, or otherwise respond to you regarding your submission. Your submission will be more likely to be considered if your description is clear and if you include pictures or drawings.

You agree, represent, and warrant that you are authorized to make the submission, and that your submission does not include the confidential information, proprietary know-how, trade secrets, or other intellectual property of any other person or party. You further agree, represent and warrant that your submission does not violate any agreement you have with your employer or any other third party. You warrant that you are at least 18 years old.