Wild Estrus Squirt™

specs Item # 00399

  • 0.25 Weight (lbs)
  • 3 oz. Volume
  • Drip or Squirt Scent Delivery

Wild Estrus Squirt™

Put them on a hot doe’s trail —so they’ll think— with the Wild Estrus scent attractant series. Wild Estrus has its benefits year-round: calm deer during the off-season, and send them a scent they won’t be able to resist during the rut. It also uses Glo-Cote® UV-enhanced visual attraction so deer can see it and smell it.

Choose from two pouch designs: Wild Estrus Squirt™ or Wild Estrus Dripper®. Wild Estrus Squirt allows you to easily freshen scrapes, rubs and limbs more effectively than drag rags. The spill-proof squirt pouch eliminates messy bottles while keeping the flow of urine focused and precise up to 6 feet. Wild Estrus Dripper has the benefit of consistency; it hangs from a tree and automatically drips urine several times each minute. Over time, urine seeps into existing scrapes or creates mock scrapes to keep sites active for up to 72 hours. Choose one pouch style or grab ‘em both, and bucks will be closing in on your favorite hunting spot in no time at all.

  • Glo-Cote®