Wild Estrus Burst™

specs Item # 00443

  • 7 oz. Volume
  • Vapor Spray Scent Delivery

Wild Estrus Burst™

Nothing gets the attention of a mature buck faster than the scent of a hot doe; Wild Estrus Burst™ puts that power in your hands. The aerosol attractant effectively calms deer during the off-season and becomes irresistible during the rut. Deer have nearly 300 million scent receptors, and they’ll go wild with this pure scent – especially since it uses Airborne Technology™ to pack as much potency as possible into each vapor burst. Plus, the addition of Glo-Cote® means deer can not only smell it, they can see the UV-enhanced visual attractant, too.

Freshen scrapes and saturate hanging lures for long-distance attraction power, or mask human odor in shifting winds by spraying the surrounding area. Do it all with an easy-to-use spray nozzle that directs scents where you want them, not on your clothes or skin. Scent attraction just got a whole lot easier with the Wild Estrus Burst.

  • Airborne Technology™
  • Glo-Cote®