The Nudge™

specs Item # W50N

  • 9 Weight (lbs)
  • 9 Unit Weight (lbs)
  • 50 Capacity (lbs)
  • 5 Setup Time (min)

The Nudge™

For those hunters who are looking for a low maintenance, no-frills feeding platform: this is the one for you. No electronics; no batteries; no hassle. The Nudge™ is fool-proof and only requires about 5 minutes of setup. Its 50-pound capacity will be plenty to pattern game in your area so you can leave it alone then come back to find a healthy animal population sticking to a regular schedule.

Sometimes you’ve gotta make ‘em work for it. (Just a little bit.) The Nudge does just what its name says: the bucket hangs from your favorite tree and patiently waits until curious animals come along and give it a nudge. In return, they get a free meal and decide this is somewhere they’ll definitely be returning. You’ll be all too willing to welcome them back.

  • Corn or Pellet
  • Quick Assembly