Quick-Set™ 225

specs Item # W225D

  • 47 Weight (lbs)
  • 37 Unit Weight (lbs)
  • 225 Capacity (lbs)
  • 1-4 Feed Times (Per Day)
  • 30 feet (360 degrees) Feed Range
  • 15 Setup Time (min)

Quick-Set™ 225

Spend your time patterning your local game population, not pulling your hair out over a complicated assembly manual. True to their names, the Quick-Set™ 225 and 270 only require about 15 minutes of setup before they’re fully operational and ready to bring game your way. Both models are dependable entry-level poly barrel feeders that provide above-average results. The 225 is slightly lighter in total weight – about 37 pounds – and holds up to 225 pounds of feed. If you want a little more capacity for not a lot more weight, you can pack 270 pounds of feed into the Quick-Set 270, which weighs in at 41 pounds on its own.

Both models come standard with an easy-to-use timer with up to four daily feed times lasting 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds – depending on your preference. Both feeders also accept corn or protein pellets, so you can choose your feed based on what your hungry game will like best.

  • Corn or Pellet
  • Poly Barrel Construction
  • Quick Assembly