Fieldnet WiFi Technology

Fieldnet WiFi Technology

Unlike cellular enabled cameras, Fieldnet Technology is a local area remote technology similar to a home wireless network. Fieldnet does not utilize a cellular tower network to communicate, nor does it require cellular technology which requires each of your cameras to be activated on an incremental and costly monthly data plan.

Cellular Camera Setup

Cost Per Camera (Base Camera, Cellular Module) - Range between $300 and $500. Cost Per Year for Data Plan (Assumes $30 per month per camera) - $360 Per Camera

Cellular network coverage is concentrated in urban areas and spotty at best when analyzing coverage where you may be hunting, or desire remote access. Fieldnet allows you access to your camera from up to 300 feet away* from a number of WiFi enabled devices such as an iPhone, an Android platform cell phone, or laptop (PC or MAC).

How Does Fieldnet Work?

Wildgame Innovations introduces Fieldnet WiFi Technology, the revolutionary new way to locally network and remotely access your game scouting cameras from up to 300 feet away. With Fieldnet Technology, you can view, edit, delete, and download all images from your cameras without ever having to be present at the camera itself. You will never have to pull and swap another SD Card again from your camera, and as a result not disturb your hunting area!

*Sold Separately Model # YN1 WiFi Module Necessary for WiFi Connectivity.

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