Pile Driv'r

Pile Driv’r™ - Auger Feeder System Takes Powders, Minerals, Pellets & Corn

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Pile Driv’r™ - Auger Feeder System Takes Powders, Minerals, Pellets & Corn

Pile Driv'r

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  • Pile Driv’r™ - Auger Feeder System
  • Durable 30 lbs poly barrel (depending on feed density)
  • Auger delivery system, controllable dispersion
  • Powdered Minerals, Bran, Corn or Pellets
  • Designed not to clog (no matter feed type or climate)
  • Unique powerful gear system
  • Design for easy placement (Hanging or Ratchet Straps)
  • Weather resistant (electronics enclosed inside the unit)
  • 6 available feed times
  • 12V battery operation (battery not included)

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It's that time of year to be stacking antlers on your crop of bucks because the heavy velvet season is on!

Now is the time to establish your mineral sites so bucks have that extra source of nutrition to aid and support maximum antler growth. When selecting your mineral site this year, you have the option to pour them directly on the ground or letting the new Wildgame Innovations Pile Driv'r feeder do the work for you.

This feeder is auger driven with a digital timer to dispense minerals on your site up to 4 times per day and cuts out the hassle of making that weekly drive to refresh your mineral station. Whether you choose to fill up the Pile Driv'r with Deer Cain or Wildgame Innovations' Honey Hole Mineral, it is capable of dispensing anything you throw in it. Pile it up and drive them in with the Pile Driv'r this summer and pile on more bone. When it comes time to start hunting the big boy you scouted this summer and early fall, fill your Pile Driv'r with a hardy food source like Acorn Rage or Sugar Beet Crush.

The Pile Driv'r can either be hung from a tree branch or strapped to a tree and runs off a long lasting 12 volt battery. This innovative feeder can make life easier by always offering a hefty serving of any feed of your choice whether it is minerals, corn, soybeans, acorn rage or sugar beet. Mix it up and have some fun with this feeder all summer and all fall...don't forget to aim a Wildgame trail camera at it to catch that shooter showing his face for dinner or breakfast. Yes sir the Pile Driv'r, pile it up and drive 'em in!!