Quick-Set™ Pro

specs Item # W270PRO

  • 50 Weight (lbs)
  • 50 Unit Weight (lbs)
  • 270 Capacity (lbs)
  • 1-6 Feed Times (Per Day)
  • 50 feet (360 degrees) Feed Range
  • 15 Setup Time (min)

Quick-Set™ Pro

We took something that was already great and made it even better. The Quick-Set™ Pro expands upon the successes of its Quick-Set predecessors with multiple premium upgrades. The timer is highly customizable with up to 6 feed times per day that last 1 to 30 seconds based on your choosing. Because we don’t make the rules on your property: you do. Whereas similar models use circular legs, powder-coated square tube legs on the Quick-Set Pro provide stability and durability – so your feeder can withstand whatever comes looking for a free meal or whatever threatens to flood your feast.

The power control unit (PCU) also got an upgrade in the Pro model. The Quick-Set Pro is the only feeder in the Quick-Set family that comes standard with a rigid varmint guard to protect both your feed and the PCU. This addition ensures the only critters making a mess of your feed are the ones you invited. And the only mess you’ll be cleaning up is the mess from a successful hunt.

  • Varmint Guard
  • Corn or Pellet
  • Poly Barrel Construction
  • Quick Assembly
  • Ultra-Strong Square Legs