Direct Shot™

specs Item # WDX1

  • 47 Unit Weight (lbs)
  • 270 Capacity (lbs)
  • 1-8 Feed Times (Per Day)
  • 50 feet (one direction) Feed Range
  • 15 Setup Time (min)

Direct Shot™

The Direct Shot™ comes with all the functionality you want and none of the surprises you don’t. The feeder’s directional distribution ensures your feed goes exactly where you want every time; the rigid power control unit is critter-proof thanks to a hard, sturdy outer housing; and the durable poly barrel holds up to 270 pounds of corn or pellet protein to keep game happy and full. But this feeder isn’t just by the book. You can customize it with up to 8 feeding times per day

With a quick 15-minute assembly, forget about the Direct Shot after setup and let it do all the legwork for you. In no time at all, you’ll have game on a schedule that will fill your freezer and your belly.

  • Corn or Pellet
  • Poly Barrel Construction