Cloak™ Pro 12

specs Item # KP12i8-8

  • HD Photos & Videos Specialty
  • 12 Megapixels
  • 720p Video Resolution
  • 24 high-intensity infrared LEDs Illumination Type
  • 70 Illumination Range (ft)
  • Less than 3/4 second Trigger Speed


Cloak™ Pro 12

Cover more area and get more results with the Cloak Pro™ 12. Decked out in TruBark™, the camera practically disappears when wrapped around a tree. Even when in use, the camera remains secretive; Silent Shield™ technology makes sure of that. Cloaked from game’s eyes and ears, the Cloak Pro 12 promises to deliver impressive 12MP images and 720p videos. And you can bet it’ll capture some good action with a trigger speed less than one second and a 70-foot illumination range.


  • Camera Unit
  • Two Bungee Cords