Chestnut Rage®

specs Item # 00380

  • 5 Weight (lbs)
  • Plant protein products, processed grain by-product, roughage products, ground chestnuts, calcium carbonate, natural and artificial flavors, natural and artificial colors Ingredients
  • 3 Calcium (%)
  • 13 Fat (%)
  • 13 Fiber (%)
  • 18 Protein (%)

Chestnut Rage®

Chestnuts have been a staple in deer diets forever; today’s deer crave them just as much as the deer who roamed North America thousands of years ago. Chestnut Rage® uses the power of real chestnuts that are harvested, crushed and mixed with roasted soybean meal to lock-in an authentic scent and taste. Buck Commander® trusted and approved, Chestnut Rage is as nutritional as it is powerful – with more than 18% protein and 13% fat content. The addition of phosphorus will also keep your herd healthy and your bucks’ racks growing. The Buckmen stand behind Chestnut Rage as a favorite for patterning and holding deer, and you will, too, once it delivers the kinds of results you’ve come to expect from Wildgame Innovations.

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