Terra™ 8 Lightsout™

specs Item # TR8B1-7

  • 2 Weight (lbs)
  • Invisible Flash Specialty
  • 8 Megapixels
  • 540p Video Resolution
  • 36-Piece Invisible Infrared LEDs Illumination Type
  • 55 Illumination Range (ft)
  • Less Than 1 Second Trigger Speed


Terra™ 8 Lightsout™

This is the solution for hunters with a whole lot of land, and a whole lot of game to cover. The Terra™ 8 Lightsout™ captures images and videos with an impressive trigger that reacts in less than a second. The invisible Lightsout™ flash illuminates up to 55 feet so you know what’s going on day or night (but game won’t know you’re there). And at an affordable price, you can cover your property with a Terra™ army.

Make sure no animal makes it onto your property without you knowing about it: The Terra 8 Lightsout.

  • Lightsout™ Technology


  • Camera Unit
  • Two Bungee Cords