Terra™ 8

specs Item # TR8i1-7

  • 2 Weight (lbs)
  • Photo & Video Modes Specialty
  • 8 Megapixels
  • 480p Video Resolution
  • 21-Piece Infrared LEDs Illumination Type
  • 60 Illumination Range (ft)
  • Less Than 1 Second Trigger Speed


Terra™ 8

This is the solution for hunters with a whole lot of land, and a whole lot of game to cover. The Terra™ 8 captures images and videos with an impressive trigger that reacts in less than a second. The 21-piece LED flash illuminates up to 60 feet so you know what’s going on day or night. And at an affordable price, you can cover your property with a Terra army.

Make sure no animal makes it onto your property without you knowing about it: The Terra 8.


  • Camera Unit
  • Two Bungee Cords