Cloak Pro™ 10

specs Item # KP10i8-7

  • 2 Weight (lbs)
  • Photo & Video Modes Specialty
  • 10 Megapixels
  • 480p Video Resolution
  • 24-Piece Infrared LEDs Illumination Type
  • 70 Illumination Range (ft)
  • Less Than 1 Second Trigger Speed


Cloak Pro™ 10

The Cloak Pro™ 10 comes masked with multiple levels of concealment. Decked out in TruBark™, the camera practically disappears when wrapped around a tree (which is easily done with the two provided bungee cords). Even when it’s in use, the camera remains secretive; Silent Shield™ technology makes sure of that. Cloaked from game’s eyes and ears, the Cloak Pro™ 10 promises to deliver impressive 10MP images and 480p videos. And you can bet it’ll capture some good action with a trigger speed less than one second and a 70-foot illumination range.

Hunters love the Cloak® series because these cameras meet the mark both in quality and affordability. Cover more area and get more results with the Cloak Pro 10.

  • Silent Shield™ Technology


  • Camera Unit
  • Two Bungee Cords