Apple CRUSH Bag

specs Item # 00323

  • 5 Weight (lbs)
  • Processed grain by-products, plant protein products, dehydrated apple, molasses products, natural and artificial flavor, natural and artificial colors Ingredients
  • 2.15 Calcium (%)
  • 14 Fat (%)
  • 11 Fiber (%)
  • 16 Protein (%)

Apple CRUSH Bag

Deer go wild for the sweet aroma and delicious taste of ripe, juicy apples, and now Wildgame Innovations is bringing the orchard to you with Apple CRUSH®. We take fresh, all-natural ripe apples then slice ‘em, dry ‘em and CRUSH ‘em with an irresistibly sweet mixture of proteins and fats.

The Apple CRUSH series includes the original attractant – perfect for attracting deer at long ranges and helping them grow big and strong. Apple CRUSH Juiced acts like a time-released version of the original; pour it over logs, stumps or directly on the ground to create a powerful mineral site. The Lick-N-Brick® is another premium mineral source that sends deer’s taste buds into a frenzy when they start licking. Unleash a whole bushel of attractant power.

CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany

  • Protein & Fat Content
  • Apple
  • Airborne Technology