Acorn Rage Lick-N-Brick™

specs Item # 00031

  • 4 Weight (lbs)

Acorn Rage Lick-N-Brick™

Deer have been known to abandon corn, wheat and even lush food plots in the name of one of their favorite meals: acorns. Acorn Rage® feeds their obsession with 100% real acorn flavor in an irresistible collection of rack-building attractants. All Acorn Rage products come ready-to-use straight out of the bag and effectively attract deer year-round.
Get their attention with the tried-and-true powder attractant – packed with real crushed acorns and blended with roasted soybean meal for long-lasting taste and flavor. The Acorn Rage Lick-N-Brick™ and Acorn Rage Juiced™ are perfect for creating mineral sites that bring deer in for a delicious taste that also improves their overall health.

  • Protein & Fat Content
  • Acorn