Acorn Rage® 5-LB BAG

specs Item # 00381

  • 5 Weight (lbs)
  • Plant protein products, processed grain by-products, acorns, calcium carbonate Ingredients
  • 17 Fat (%)
  • 11 Fiber (%)
  • 28 Protein (%)

Acorn Rage® 5-LB BAG

Most hunters – including the Buckmen – agree acorns are the most effective and widespread natural deer attractant. When ripe acorns start dropping, we crush them into Buck Commander® Acorn Rage®. The combination of real acorns with oil-enriched roasted soybean stabilizes and preserves natural acorn flavors in our strategically-developed attractant formula. When you spread Acorn Rage at a ground site or top it on a feeder, a natural acorn scent erupts that sends deer’s senses into a frenzy. Once they find the source of that scent, they’ll devour it, along with vital nutrients they need to support antler growth and their overall health. Buck Commander Acorn Rage doesn’t require any mixing; simply open the bag and dump it wherever deer will be able to find it. Deer crave acorns all year long, so you’ll be primed to watch the action and take your pick of patterned deer on opening day.

Buck Commander

  • Protein & Fat Content
  • Acorn
  • Airborne Technology