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About Wildgame Innovations™

If you aren’t getting the results you want, you have to make those results happen yourself. In the mid-1990s, Ryan and Matt Busbice ran out of patience with attractants that were always the same thing in a different bag. Managing a 1,110-acre deer lease in Northern Louisiana quickly uncovered the lack of options when it came to attracting big deer at long distances. So the Busbices set out to create a protein-packed formula with enough power to cover some serious ground. The two brothers spent years experimenting with different scents and flavors, and eventually landed on something that changed the game. The Persimmon CRUSH™ attractant remains one of the most successful and effective deer attractants on the market today.

It’s that drive to get the job done – and get it done right – that has fueled Wildgame Innovations ever since the company was officially founded in 2002. The product line has grown from attractants to also include game cameras and feeders. Each product that leaves our factories is built with the same “don’t tell me what I can and can’t do” mentality. They said game cameras had to cost $300; we took price points down for the average Joe. They said attractants had to come pre-mixed; we made a formula with three phase changes in the field. They said feeders had to be complicated with hours-long assembly manuals; we can put a Quick-Set™ together in 15 minutes. We will continue to shake up the landscape and challenge not only those around us, but also ourselves, to stay grounded in research and science – and do it with swag.

We are constantly seeking to improve our products. Better products mean better hunts, and we want that just as much as you do.

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