Wildgame Innovations is a family owned and run company that was officially founded in early 2002, but really started its grassroots back in the mid-90s when the quality deer management movement got going.

Being avid deer and wild game hunters, we had begun managing our own 1,100 acre deer lease in Northern Louisiana. After field testing nearly every "nutritional supplement/attractant" available on the market at that time, we felt as if we were not having any luck at all. The deer numbers just were not increasing and deer that we were seeing were not getting any bigger or better.

We wanted something that would attract, hold, and grow more deer on our property. That’s when we decided that if you are going to do something right you have to do it yourself.


Since that very moment, we have been testing everything we can get our hands on that is supposedly known to not only to attract and hold large numbers of deer, but also grow them into the quality whitetail that all of us hunters are looking for. Through the success that our family, friends, and others had achieved with our "test products," we felt that we had something special that we could market and share with our fellow hunters.

Eight years later Wildgame Innovations has become one of the fastest growing companies in our segment of the hunting industry, and we finally have some good looking bucks hanging on our walls. After our years of research and testing in the deer woods across the nation, coupled with feedback from our great customers, we have steered away from gimmick products that don’t get results, and focused on products that not only get results, but are nutritious for all game.


Whether you are looking to simply attract deer, or actually start your own management program, Wildgame Innovations' products will meet both, you and your deer’s needs.

We realize that if your hunting experience isn’t improved through the use of our product, then we will lose you as our valued customer. It’s these expectations that we strive for in every one of our products. In fact, we are so confident in the performance of our products, we use them in all of our hunts on the television and DVD series called "Giant Whitetails". We encourage you to watch our acclaimed hunting shows and experience first hand the power of Wildgame Innovations’ nutritional attractants.

We hope that on your next hunting trip, you will try one of Wildgame Innovations products and experience the alluring power of our products for yourself. Only then will you see why we say…. "Nutrition, Attraction, and Action."


2015 Wildgame Innovations Product Guide