360 CRUSH™ Cam

specs Item # R12i20-7

  • 2.5 Weight (lbs)
  • 360-Degree View Specialty
  • 12 Megapixels
  • 720p HD Video Resolution
  • 36-Piece High-Intensity Infrared LEDs Illumination Type
  • 70 Illumination Range (ft)
  • 1.5 Seconds Trigger Speed


360 CRUSH™ Cam

Say goodbye to the four cameras you use to cover your favorite hunting spot, because you only need one camera to get the job done now. The 360 CRUSH™ Cam revolutionizes image capturing by turning the traditional scouting camera model on its head – or more accurately, turning it in every direction. The unique swivel design moves the camera to wherever the action is so you get a full 360-degree view of the space. And not just close-range either; 36 high-intensity LEDs pack 70 feet of illumination range.

Best of all, the 360 CRUSH Cam leaves the power in your hands to decide how you want to monitor game: from HD photos to 30-second video clips to Flextime+™ time lapse videos. Capture high-quality photos and videos at any time, in any direction with the 360 CRUSH Cam.

CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany

  • Exposure Control
  • Flextime+™ Time Lapse Technology


  • Camera Unit
  • T-Post Mounting Bracket System
  • Adjustable Mounting Strap
  • Flextime+™ Software CD